Video Manager


Your go to video and audio manager app.

Do you want to make a memorable video and share it to your friends? Have you been inspired while walking on the road, but only has a mobile phone? Do not worry! Download this app so you can make wonderful music and videos wherever you want. Download it today and try it out. You won’t regret it!

Video Recording

Make a change today

Record video and mix background music

• Create music using the microphone.
• Download background rhythms, and loops from our database, with over 100 possible selections.
• Mix your audio with our proprietary music.
• Synchronize music to videos. 

Media player

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Fully featured media player for your music videos.

• Create playlists and play videos none-stop.
• Background playback
• Supports Airplay

Easy to use

lots of happy users

5 yrs

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Background rythms to choose from